The Ultimate Guide to No Win, No Fee Injury Lawyers

Work with a lawyer who understands your situation and knows what is necessary to win.

If you sustained an injury that was not your fault and is looking for a lawyer to help you get compensation, you need to know that all personal injury law firms are not the same.

As you look for a personal injury lawyer, you will frequently see the phrase “No Win, No Fee.” You may also see the phrase “No Win, No Pay.” These describe the same concept if a lawyer advertising themselves as no win, no fee takes your case, you should owe the lawyer nothing if the case is unsuccessful.

Potential clients frequently believe that if something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. However, you will not find that to be the case at No Fee Injury Lawyers.

How Do No, Win No, Fee Lawyers Work?

The concept of no win, no fee legal practices is prevalent in Western Australia. A key principle of this policy is that you will not need to pay your lawyer up front if they advertise they are no win, no fees.

A legal representative will review your compensation claim (often on a no cost no, obligation basis) and determine if they believe you have a strong case. If your compensation claim seems viable, they will take your case on a no-win, no-fee basis.

From that point forward, your lawyer will advise you, request pertinent documents, speak with witnesses, line up medical experts, and build your case. If the insurance company working for the party responsible for your injury agrees to settle out of court, your claim is successful.

You will receive your compensation and pay your legal fees as agreed upon during the early phases of your claim. This is billed by the hour (unless otherwise stipulated) because lawyers in Western Australia cannot take cases on a contingency basis.

Why Would a Lawyer Take No Win, No Fee Cases?

Many clients question the idea of lawyers’ no win, no fee payment arrangement. However, this is often the simplest way for a law firm to avoid becoming bogged down.

When a lawyer requires fees paid up front, moving forward with an injury claim can be difficult if the client struggles to afford the payments. The situation occurs most often when a client is unable to work because of an injury.

Many law firms adopt the no-win, no fees policy to simplify the claim and get their client the compensation they deserve as quickly as possible.

Should I Work with a Lawyer on a No Win, No Fee Basis?

Working with lawyers on a no-win, no-fee basis is often an excellent decision if you choose the right law firm. Before you commit to a lawyer, you owe it to yourself to find out some details, including,

  • The expertise of the law firm – you will need to work with a lawyer who understands your situation and knows what is necessary to win.
  • The lawyer’s track record with cases like yours – a lawyer with a great success rate with motor vehicle claims may not be the best choice for a worker’s comp if they have never worked on a case.
  • Transparency – Your lawyer should be transparent about all aspects of your agreement and thoroughly answer your questions.

If the law firm you are considering does not tick all of these boxes, you may want a change. Contacting No Fee Injury Lawyers puts you in touch with professionals who

  • Have experience in all aspects of personal injury law
  •  Are consistently successful
  • Practice total transparency

You need to know that there are excellent professional legal firms that subscribe to the no-win, no-fee policy. Make sure you are working with the right firm that meets your needs and answers your questions. Feel free to reach out to No Fee Injury Lawyers to learn more about how we can help you get the compensation you deserve.