Compensation for Your Psychological Injuries

Psychological injury is a non-physical or mental injury that includes a range of cognitive, emotional or behavioural symptoms.

When you have survived a traumatic event, whether a motor vehicle accident, work-related issues, or another trauma is causing mental distress, you have the right to seek compensation payouts for psychological injury. But you need to understand claiming damages for psychological injuries can be an extremely difficult battle.

Your best chance for success is to have an experienced legal team on your side. At No Fee Injury Lawyers, we have helped hundreds of victims of psychological injuries get the recompense they deserve.

What is a Psychological Injury?

A psychological injury is said to have occurred when a person is mentally affected by certain events causing them to suffer loss or damage.

After such an event, the injured person will get medical treatment for the problems they experience. At this time, the doctor will give a medical name to the symptoms and create a formal diagnosis of mental illness. This can be difficult for some people who may struggle with understanding that mental illness is a medical disorder, not a character flaw. However, a diagnosis is necessary if you want to seek compensation for mental distress.

What are the Most Common Psychological Injuries?

Although numerous illnesses come from mental distress, the most common include,

  • Major Depression – Hopelessness, fatigue, mood swings, change in eating habits (too much or too little), irritability, apathy, guilt, sleep disturbances (too much or too little), loss of enjoyment in life, apathy, thought of death
  • Anxiety Disorder – Panic attacks, breathing problems, rapidly beating heart or chest pains, insomnia, inability to relax or calm down, racing thoughts
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – Nightmares, avoidance, flashbacks, hypervigilance, feeling distant.

Remember, even though these illnesses are common, they are deeply distressing to the person struggling to handle the issues.

What Triggers Psychological Injuries?

No two people will react to events the same way, but some commonalities are associated with psychological injuries. Often experts see psychological injuries arise due to distressing situations such as harassment in the workplace or as a result of physical trauma from an accident. These are two of the most frequently seen triggers of psychological injuries.

Understanding Psychological Injuries from a Motor Vehicle Accident

Many accident victims experience psychological injuries due to a motor vehicle accident. Usually, this is a response to the disturbing nature of a car crash combined with physical pain, confusion, a loss of control and a sense of helplessness.

Psychological injuries can be overwhelming and may come with several symptoms that may or may not be immediately recognised as a problem associated with psychological harm.

What are the Symptoms of Psychological Injuries following an Auto Accident?

There are a great many symptoms of psychological injury, and you may have several or a few, and they can vary in intensity.

  • Avoiding driving or riding in a vehicle
  • Decrease in energy levels
  • Difficulty communicating
  • Difficulty concentrating and paying attention
  • Feeling dazed, disoriented, or confused
  • Feeling emotionally numb
  • Flashbacks to or reliving the automobile crash
  • Increased aggression
  • Loss of memory of events immediately after the crash
  • Loss of memory of events immediately before the crash
  • Nightmares about the automobile crash
  • Trying to avoid thinking or talking about the automobile crash

If you are going through any of these symptoms, you should see a medical professional and report the changes you are experiencing. You must get treatment as soon as you can. Additionally, if you plan to seek compensation for psychological injury, you will need excellent documentation from a mental health professional.

If left untreated, psychological injuries can have a substantial impact on a person's life, including their ability to work.

Causes of Workplace Psychological Injuries

These days, workplace psychological injuries are recognised as a detriment to overall wellbeing, and workers file claims for compensation instead of silently suffering.

Many behaviours can be classified as inappropriate and cause psychological injury in the workplace. These behaviours include,

  • Intimidation
  • Repeated harmful remarks or personal attacks
  • Sexual harassment including unwelcome touching, sexually explicit comments
  • Pushing, shoving, tripping, or grabbing you in the workplace
  • Attacking or threatening you with any other object that can be a weapon

If these or similar events caused a psychological injury, you would approach it as a Worker’s Compensation claim. You should be aware that the worker’s compensation insurer denies most work-related psychological injury claims. Establishing a solid case is essential.

How Can I Prove a Psychological Injury?

Most claims for psychological injuries hinge upon,

  • The presence of documents and oral evidence proving the facts that started the claim did occur
  • Reports from a General Practitioner, Psychologist or Psychiatrist to show the extent of the injury and other relevant medical documentation
  • Documentation such as tax returns showing the financial hardship you experienced because of your psychological injuries

How Can No Fee Injury Lawyers Help Me?

If you are experiencing psychological injuries, experienced legal counsel is key to the success of your claim. At No Fee Injury Lawyers, our staff of legal experts have a keen understanding of how to prove psychological injuries.

We offer new clients a no-cost and no-obligation consultation so we can get to know you and your case. If you choose us to represent you, we will gather evidence to help your case and stand by your side throughout the proceedings. Remember, if your case is not successful, you pay no legal fees.

Suffering from psychological injuries from an accident is painfully frustrating. Especially when you are fighting for compensation on your own, even though the law is clear about psychological injuries, insurance companies will do all they can to ensure you get as little as possible.

If you are in this fight alone, contact No Fee Injury Lawyers. Our experienced team will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.