Workers' Compensation Claims

If you have been injured through no fault of your own, you deserve fair compensation. A team of experienced Perth attorneys will fight for you and get you the workers’ compensation claim you deserve.

Workers Compensation Claims

Were You Injured at Work?

If you are injured in an accident, it is easy to become overwhelmed. In addition to your pain, you have to manage a mountain of paperwork, present your side of the accident to insurance adjustors, and deal with medical treatment. If your injuries are severe, you may need to apply for time off from your job. That is quite a lot to process, and if you make a mistake, you may need to redo everything.

You deserve compensation for everything you are forced to endure through no fault of your own. This is why it is worth your time to contact experienced lawyers in Perth. Experienced injury lawyers will advocate for you and get the recompense you deserve.

Workers Compensation Claims

No Win No Fee

Workers Compensation Claims

Every worker has the right to be safe on the job, even if the profession comes with inherent risks, such as construction work. Generally speaking, employers do what they can to maintain a safe workplace for their employees. However, accidents on the job still happen despite efforts to prevent or minimise the occurrence.

When a work injury or illness occurs, it brings many stresses beyond physical ailments. Uncertainty about the future and how you will pay your bills are common concerns of workers injured on the job. The added pressure can impact every area of your life, even though you are not at fault. Compensation is your legal right in Western Australia.

Worker’s compensation claims are complex by nature. It can be challenging to focus on filing a proper claim for workers’ compensation with so many issues to consider. For this reason, you would benefit from the guidance of a lawyer with experience in the area of worker’s compensation. No Fee Injury Lawyers have years of experience with the workers’ compensation system. Gathering the necessary information and presenting successful claims requires the skills possessed by No Fee Injury Lawyers.

Were You

Hurt at Work?

Workplace injuries are common, but that does not make your injury less traumatic. Your employer’s insurance company has an army of lawyers, and you need someone on your side.

Unfortunately, workers who are hurt on the job often must deal with the pain of recovery along with the stress of sorting out a workers’ compensation claim.

Were You Hurt at Work?

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You will confer with a Perth-based legal professional with years of experience in West Australian injury law and get an honest assessment of your case, along with the promise that if you do not receive compensation, you do not pay for our legal services.

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No Fee Injury Lawyers have the experience to know if your case will hold up in court. You will always receive straightforward advice regarding how you should proceed, and if No Fee Injury Lawyers don’t win your case, you don’t pay.

As You Recover

The Support Doesn’t Stop

As You Recover

Keep in mind that all injuries are unique and that most people do not respond to treatment in precisely the same way. It is common for employers and insurance companies to try and pressure injured workers into returning to work too soon or settling for less than their entitled compensation.

Workers’ compensation lawyers make sure their clients are not bothered by these things and make it possible to recover without added stressors peacefully.

No Win No Fee Lawyers

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

When you experience a workplace injury, it is easy to believe that Workcover will take care of everything and you will get fair treatment under the law. However, this is not always the case.

It is important to remember that the insurance company wants to save every cents. While they are not out to cheat you, many corners are unfairly trimmed, and the result is generally a loss for you. Here are several examples of how this happens:

  • Doctors working on behalf of the insurers undervalue your injury or dispute necessary therapies claiming you do not need such treatment
  • Employers may try to force you back to work before you are medically ready
  • Insurers often delay claims leaving the injured worker waiting for assistance

These and similar actions deny you the compensation dictated by the law. Retaining the services of workers’ compensation lawyers will even the field and get you the benefits you deserve.

No Fee Injury Lawyers Perth client filing for workers compensation.
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Why Choose

An Experienced Legal Team

Should you experience an injury at work, reach out to No Fee Injury Lawyers. Years of experience and knowledge combined with a genuine concern for clients’ well-being provide excellent results. You can be sure that partnering with our workers’ compensation injury lawyers will increase your chances of a favourable outcome in court.

No Fee Injury Lawyers are here for you, providing excellent service. And remember, if we don’t win, you don’t pay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you suffer an injury or disease requiring medical treatment at work and are unable to return to work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. No Fee Injury Lawyers have had immense experience dealing with workers compensation claims, contact us today!

Workers are people who perform tasks or supply services in exchange for payment. Workers include full-time, part-time, casual, seasonal, piecework and commission workers. Directors, contractors and sub-contractors may be defined as workers depending on their working arrangements.

Note, however, that a volunteer generally does not fall under the definition of a worker under the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981.

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