Top 5 Mistakes When Making a Personal Injury Claim

One mistake after a personal injury accident can significantly impact your right to recover compensation.

No matter how careful you are, accidents still happen. When you sustain an injury through no fault of your own, you have the right to make a personal injury claim. While many people realise they can lodge a claim, not everyone knows how to file personal injury claims.

Many accident victims struggle with understanding various legal terms. Some people are not aware of time constraints associated with accidents and find titles such as accident claim lawyers, contingency fee lawyers, and no fee injury lawyers confusing.

Under these circumstances, it is easy to make mistakes in the aftermath of an accident. Learn about these five common mistakes so your case will not suffer.

1. Not Getting a Lawyer

As an accident victim, you are enduring enough emotional and physical pain. You should not need to deal with being pushed to medical examinations by the insurance company’s doctors, forced to make decisions without sufficient information, or pressured into settling too soon.

Hiring an accident claim lawyer is the best way to protect your interests. Your legal team will shield you from those working towards the insurance company’s best interest. Additionally, an experienced lawyer can put you in touch with professionals who will have your best interests in mind.

Going it alone is not advisable, as you will likely be outmatched by those with years of experience who want to give you as little as possible.

Many personal injury victims fail to hire an attorney either due to fears of the costs or underestimating the value of their claims.

2. Sharing on Social Media or With Others

We are conditioned to believe posting significant events on social media is necessary. While this may be true for graduations or the birth of children, you should avoid posting information regarding your accident.

Social media is one of the first places insurance companies go to find any information that could damage your case. So, in addition to not posting details about your case, you should also skip posting pictures from last weekend’s beach holiday.

The same is true for speaking with anyone (especially insurance companies and representatives of the perpetrator). Should you be approached with questions about your accident or condition, politely refer the person asking your lawyer.

3. Being Too Quick to Settle

Unfortunately, many injury claims take months to wrap. You might feel as if settling quickly is your best option, especially if you are experiencing financial struggles because of the accident. However, standing your ground is your best choice.

A fast settlement can mean you will not receive necessary continuing medical care. You must be sure that the full extent of your physical and emotional injuries is known. Additionally, a fast settlement may mean the amount you receive for damages is significantly lower than the amount the court could have awarded you.

4. Not Documenting the Evidence or Records

Medical attention after an accident is an absolute must. Some significant injuries do not appear until days or weeks after the initial event. In addition to having a medical check-up, you must keep detailed records with essential names, dates, and times of occurrence. Make a note of those you speak with and what you discussed.

Additionally, make sure you compile as much evidence as possible. Ask the police for a copy of the accident report, get witnesses’ names and contact information, and take as many pictures as possible. All of this can help your case.

You need to make sure that you gather as much documentary evidence as possible so you can substantiate your claims.

5. Claiming With a Law Firm That Isn’t Right for You

In the aftermath of an accident, you may not want to spend much time considering the law firm representing you. However, it is in your best interest to find out a bit about the legal team taking your case. Find out if they are credible, experienced with matters such as yours, and their success rate. Doing a little research upfront can save you a great deal of hassle later.

An Additional Mistake You MUST Avoid

Suffering in Silence

Far too many accident victims do not share the full extent of their ordeal with their legal team. If you experience flashbacks, memory problems, anxiety, or other emotional trauma, it is vital to pass that information along. The team at No Fee Injury Lawyers are compassionate and experienced. We understand that not all of your injuries are visible and will do all we can to get you the compensation you deserve for ALL of your injuries.